ohhey, im codie.
Anonymous asked: your girlfriend?


She bike up with me..

Anonymous asked: Who does your heart belong to?


I was this really cute girl I know but she left.

Anonymous asked: You really care about how you look? "Oh I'd look stupid going back to her" you make me sick. YOU SHOULDN'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK. if you wanted her, you'd have her. You don't think people talked shit to her when she went back to you, after you cheated on her twice? She got an earful. But she didn't care, because she had you. Whatever it doesn't even matter. Just leave her alone. Enough of the games. You made your choice.


ahah i look like the ASSHOLE right she was with this kid for 2-3 months before she came back to me you dont know anthing and i didnt cheat on her the girl kissed me and i wasnt dating her with the other one..

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